Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time and Money Saving tips.

Everyone can use more money and cutting coupons and searching for the best bargain can be a pain! I saw this magazine about a year ago and we decided to subscribe to it! It's saved us so much money already and we haven't even tried! The magazine is called ShopSmart.

The October 2009 issue came out not too long ago. The main thing that caught me was the "Online Shopping Secrets". I'm for either the store or online. Some things you just can't find in your town so online is the best option! I've recently been getting more and more into searching those little known websites to find great buys.

This website,, is a new favorite! It's mostly used for buying basic needs. You can shop by brand, price, and room. If you buy 6+ items shipping is free! Another great deal, they have coupons already on there so you don't have to do anything. A bonus... You're buying from the manufactures for less, most the time. There are other gadgets you can use like a budget and reminders to order more of a certain product.

For the ladies wanting a new makeup look,, you can upload pictures of yourself (without makeup and hair back with good lighting) and try new make up and hair styles on! They even tell you the best item to buy and where to find it. I love it!

For other things to buy check out, (for bargains), (for closeout deals), (to find exactly what you want), and (to locate obscure stuff).

I found all this in the ShopSmart magazine. It's full of other extra stuff I didn't talk about too!

No ads in this magazine and there are a ton of surveys and product tests. You can get 6 issues for $18 plus the s/h of $4.95 if you do the subscription. (They say the prices differ 39% from subscription to newsstand prices.)

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