Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a long time!

So it's been a long time! I have gotten things done though!
My MOH and I put together the shower invitations and I stuffed them!

This is the shower invitation completely done.
These are the "extra" information sheets. It tells people to write a recipe on the recipe card and being it to the shower and it also says where we're registered at!

This is just one of those information sheets with the scissors I used to cut them out. It's fancy swirl. I just printed 10 sheets of 6 info cards on Word on the computer. I used the wedding response template, but there are more to choose from. The scissors we got a long time ago, but I'm sure you can find them at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Target, or even Wal-mart. If you can't find some there try a speciality store like a scrap booking store.

This is what the sheet looked like before I cut them out.

The cute recipe cards I got! Obviously.. I got them from Hallmark. =) I paid $5 for 36 cards, but I bought 2 packs since we invited more than 36. We had this great idea to have all the guests bring a recipe that they enjoy for me to have to start my collection. At the shower we'll have a basket for the cards to go in and then my girls will help me stuff them into an album viewing thing.

Our wedding theme is Cinderella Winter Wonderland and we carried that over to the shower. The shower theme is more Diamonds are a Girls Best friend, but this invitation with Cinderella and Prince Charming was too good to pass up!

The end result of the shower invitation. We used a black and white photo for more effect and it's one from our first engagement sessions in downtown Wichita. We ordered them from and picked them up at the nearest store. They weren't expensive at all! We paid $40 for 60 cards. (They come in a pack of 20) So we ordered 3 packs. You can also do this on and have them sent to Walgreen's. If you need more invites than you originally printed, just go to the site you ordered from and it will be saved for you!

So the shower is on it's way to being ALL taken care of. I'll post pics of it when it happens (November 14th). I'm not in on all the details so I can't give ya anymore info! I know it stinks. =)

Up next.. We'll address the invites and mail them out. Also... I WILL start on the unity candle A.S.A.P. I keep putting it off. In the hole are the garters for my BMs!

My mom's project is to make my BM's dresses! AH! We gotta get her moving.

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