Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bridal shows...

Today was a good day for a bridal show! I went as a Bride, but my mom and I started showing off our Tshirt designs and have asked to be a vendor in the next show! Which is a week before my wedding. =) That should be nothing but interesting. I have some pictures from the show, but I have a lot of pictures for our business! I have to find my cable to hook my camera up to save the pictures. Ugh! Uho. I hope I didn't lose it... Let's hope not!

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Which bridal show did you go to? Are you going to the one on November 8th at the Hyatt?

  2. There was on at the Airport Hilton. Yep! I'm going to the November 8th one! Will you be there?

  3. I just found you from WeddingBee - I just graduated with my accounting degree and am currently planning my May 2010 wedding. Your blog looks great!