Monday, September 7, 2009

Creative urge.

I work nights so I'm usually up at this time ( 2:30 AM) so this is nothing new to me. =) I've been just wanting to do ALL my DIY projects right now! I bought my unity candle things the other day and can't start until Grant takes a look and understands what I'm doing. So I'll start that soon! I looked up the card boxes, canopy, and tissue paper flowers.

I saw a card box on a weddingbee blog.
It's gorgeous and gave me a GREAT idea!
I'll make a card box.. a castle! It sounds odd, but it's okay I've got it almost all worked out in my head. So tomorrow I'll be trying to make sense of this project. I'll for sure post pictures of the process!
The canopy... I think I'll get my soon to be hubby to assist in this!
The tissue paper flowers... I can do this in the morning! I won't be using them since I don't have the color (white) I need. I have every other color though. ;)
I'll post pictures!

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