Monday, August 17, 2009

The Reception (Part 2)

Our DJ is wonderful! We met them at a small bridal fair and won gift certificates from them and they gave us a great deal so we're happy to have them DJ for our wedding. The company name is Musical Reflections. Derek Haas and his wife own it and are the only DJ's to my knowledge.

Another exciting thing we're having, probably, maybe, I'm not real sure how this will work. It's a candy buffet table. It won't be all the wedding colors, which my mom isn't that happy about, but it will be entertaining. We aren't having a formal sit down dinner. It's not our style and not in our budget. We're having snack and possibly the candy. Of course we're having cake too! My friend's mom is kind enough to make our cake.

Here's a few of the cakes she's done.

Hopefully Callie, my MOH, can have her make my bridal shower cake!

Also we're having a cash bar. I thought that would be 'tacky', but talking to the people at the company they said a lot of people are doing cash bars now days. So, I felt better. It's not really that expensive overall.

I can't think of anything else at the reception I can inform ya'll on yet. =)

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