Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Dress

I found my dress a little more than a month ago. It's gorgeous and I love it. But I kinda have the problem of being nervous about things so with all the looking I never thought any of the dresses would do. THIS dress on the other hand was just about perfect! We needed some alterations and see if we can add a little more to it. So we took it to my great alteration lady and it wasn't what I expected. I saw a dress in my head... and then what she was going to do was different. Although!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I was talking about, so her way makes much more sense. I stupidly made the comment that I didn't like the dress and I didn't want it. =( Not true. I do want the dress! I really love the dress, but I'm worried the alterations won't work out. (then the dress won't fit and I'd be terribly upset.)

How I got the dress. It's a fantastic story! I looked and looked and it was coming on 6 months away from the wedding and I didn't have a dress and I knew I'd need some alterations and I wanted to make sure to have it before the day of! We couldn't find a dress I even kinda liked. My mom's friend said that she was engaged and had to cancel the wedding, for something unkown, and won't wear the dress and she only wore it once. And that was to try it on at the store. She let me see it and we loved it! I love it more and more when I think about it or look at it. It's exciting! I really feel that the Lord has helped me out with the wedding so much. I know that this dress is a wonderful answer to prayers, so I can't complain!

But.. I do complain. I'm scared! She, the alteration lady, is ripping out the back! Now my mother reassured me that she's wonderful at this and won't mess up.. me.. UGH! I'm scared. lol. So I wasn't the more polite person to anyone. Also.. my mom said that I didn't seem happy to get married at all. I'm not happy with anything... So I thought about that. I really thought that even though there are tons of drama with the BMs and things I was still positive.

My goal... be more positive and pray. Alot. Things will go great and if not.. my supermommy and I can fix it.

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