Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bachlorette Party

So with school starting this week and much to still do for the wedding, I asked my MOH to call the slumber party lady, Theresa, to book her early because she's the best, a friend of a friend, and now pregnant so she wants to get a ton of parties in before the baby so she has enough money. Well.. MOH couldn't call because she's got homework and an almost 2 year old running around her house. I decided that I would call her. Theresa is WONDERFUL! I'm so excited for the bachelorette party!

The day is set for December 12th and we'll start out in the late afternoon at a house doing the slumber party. Theresa assured me that this will be one of the best times ever. My girls can buy novelty items, penis cake pan (to make a cake, which I want lol) and other excited things, for the party itself and me at cost to her! Which is way cheaper than buying anything here in town. So I'm sure we're in for a GREAT time. =) Next, we'll all go to a local comedy club for some more great fun! We'll party there for an hour or so and then my family, BMs, and a few good friends will head back to 2 hotel rooms and finish the night!
I'm more excited about the wedding festivities than ever!

On a bad note... I've had to drop one of my BMs. I'm down to 5 and I'm keeping them that way. No more bringing in drama. These 5 are the best and now I don't have to worry about what's going on and if something bad will happen. I know these lovely ladies will support me.

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